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Alias is the world leader in piping solutions for the process, marine, and CAD/CAM products. Our solutions are an integral part of the Intergraph Process Power and Marine SmartPlant Enterprise suite and available with locally based support throughout the world.

Isogen® has become a de facto industry standard for automated piping isometric production. In addition to its use with many piping design software applications, SmartPlant® Isometrics and SmartPlant® Spoolgen are innovative products powered by Isogen that address the needs of owner operators and companies providing engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction services.




Isogen is available in many different forms - as part of the Intergraph product suite but it is included with, or is supported by, many other plant and piping design solutions. If you are an end user interested in using Isogen or a software developer who wants to understand how to include Isogen in your product, this web site is for you.

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