Automatic piping isometrics from 3D plant design systems

Isogen is the world's leading solution for the total automation of piping isometric drawing production and is the de facto standard CAD system for drawing piping isometrics. Supplied by all major plant design vendors, the system might already be in use in your organization, embedded within your choice of 3D plant design system.

Eliminating the need to manually edit isometric drawings significantly reduces fabrication and on-site construction errors. Consistent drawing content is provided through isometric repeatability, which ensures that the number of drawings, basic content, and spool and weld numbers following pipe design changes remain consistent.

Isogen is highly configurable and is the most automated engine available today for piping isometric drawing production. The system can be fully customized to meet users' specific requirements, working practices, and drawing standards. Being data-driven and data centric, Isogen can produce drawings in all commonly used 2D CAD formats including AutoCAD, MicroStation, and Intergraph SmartSketch®.

Isogen’s companion product, I-Configure™, enables users to customize and configure their isometric drawing output. Users can choose from a range of options to obtain the isometric output they require using standard wizards. For example, users can employ in-house terminology and foreign language text and choose from a variety of dimensioning, part, and weld numbering options.

Isogen is the core technology used in Intergraph’s SmartPlant Isometrics and SmartPlant Spoolgen.

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