Alias’ business is dominated by Isogen, which in turn is a de facto industry standard solution for the automated production of piping isometric drawings. As a result, millions of Isogen data files (PCF and IDF format) are generated each year, on almost every plant engineering project of any size.

Increasingly, these Isogen data files are being used to implement electronic data transfer of piping data from engineering design to other phases of the project – most notably piping fabrication.

In order to exploit this opportunity, Alias has developed a new data model for piping objects – known as the POD (Piping Object Data) model.

Alias has developed a technology platform based on this common data model. It is suitable for all applications seeking to use piping data created to drive Isogen. Many of Alias’ applications use this common platform already and all future ones will do so.

Alias now has a unique capability to add value to the piping data being generated throughout the process industry. But the range of possible applications is greater than can possibly be exploited by Alias alone. By licensing the POD technology platform to selected partners, many more solutions can be developed than would otherwise be possible, to the advantage of all concerned.

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