About Alias

OfficeAlias Ltd. is the developer of Isogen® and has grown into the world leader in the field of automatic piping isometric generation.

Alias was founded in 1990 by two senior managers of ICI, the British chemicals conglomerate. Originally a private software engineering company, Alias became a subsidiary of Intergraph Corporation in 2006. Alias headquarters is located in Runcorn, Cheshire, England.

Alias develops engineering automation software for the plant life cycle, offering solutions for the design, documentation, fabrication, and maintenance of piping systems. The company combines best-in-class software with consulting services backed by strong industry knowledge.

World Leader

Alias is the market leader in the automatic generation of piping isometrics from plant design systems through its flagship product Isogen. The standard for drawing generation and piping data transfer in the process industries, Isogen is available from many of the world's leading plant design solution vendors. Today, it is estimated that 80 percent of all plant design projects rely on Alias technology for their automated piping isometric production.

Superior Service

Alias as an integral part of Intergraph, prides itself on being able to respond rapidly to the needs of individual clients, whether they are a multi-national or a small independent fabricator. Its strength lies in the ability to provide cutting-edge technology, highly dedicated, professional staff, and an unparalleled worldwide support service. Intergraph brings you the best solution for your operation that will reduce costs, increase productivity, and provide a fast return on investment.

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