Does my system support Isogen®?

Many of the world's piping design systems support the use of Isogen® to create piping isometric drawings. This can be done in two ways – bundled or enabled.


Isogen is bundled with design software and its operation is transparent to the user. End user support is provided by the system vendor, not Alias. Software vendors and the systems that support Isogen in this way are:

Intergraph Corp.

Smart 3D
SmartPlant® Isometrics
SmartPlant Spoolgen®
Caesar II

Bentley Systems Inc. PlantSpace
AC Plant Consult Software Development GmbH ACPlant
AC Plant Designer
Vertex Systems OY Vertex Plant Design
ITandFactory GmbH CADISON
Venturis IT GmbH ISOX
UNITEC Informationssysteme GmbH iso.Edge for Solid Edge
iso.Works for SolidWorks
CAD Partner GmbH SMAP 3D Piping Iso
SolidPlant B.V. SolidPlant


The plant design system does not include Isogen software, but it is capable of creating a file (the Piping Component File or PCF) that defines the pipeline to Isogen. This file is processed in the separate, standalone applications Isogen Team Edition and Isogen Solo Edition. Arrangements for the supply and support of this software is dependent on the plant design system, as detailed in the notes below:

Parametric Technology Corp. Pro/Engineer Piping and Cabling Extension
AVEVA Tribon
Dassault Systemes CATIA
SolidWorks Corp. SolidWorks
Siemens PLM Software (Unigraphics) NX
Right Hand Column