I-Configure™ for Direct Users

Easily configure Isogen®

I-Configure enables you to create and manage the isometric directories, projects, and styles that are used by other SmartPlant® products to generate isometric drawings and reports using Isogen.

Isogen is the industry-standard software for the automatic production of piping isometric drawings. It is integral to most of the major plant design systems on the market, including PDS® and SmartPlant 3D, and is used in the vast majority of process plant projects involving the design of pipework.

A significant factor in Isogen’s success is its broad range of configuration options. Virtually everything about the piping isometric drawing – from the style of dimensioning and format of weld and part numbers to the location and layout of the material take-off – can be configured by the user. This allows users to produce isometric drawings to their own specifications.

For many years, it was only possible to configure Isogen isometric drawing and report outputs by using a text editor to edit the various settings found in the input control files it uses to determine drawing content and layout. Alias recognized that this situation had to be improved and so introduced I-Configure.

I-Configure makes the configuration of Isogen much simpler, easier, and quicker, and exposes all of the configuration options available for use. I-Configure provides a single environment in which all aspects of Isogen drawing configuration can be easily managed. Wizards help automate some aspects of the configuration task, enabling drawing styles to be configured quickly. Furthermore, I-Configure is easy to learn and simple to use.

Since its launch, I-Configure has been extremely well received. Users find the process of configuring drawing outputs much simpler and have enthused about the application with statements such as, “I wish I had this years ago when I first started working with Isogen.”

I-Configure is supplied with Personal Isogen (for our OEM partners to embed within their 3D plant/piping design solutions), with Isogen Team Edition and Isogen Solo Edition (used by CAD/CAM users), and with SmartPlant Isometrics and SmartPlant Spoolgen® (supplied by Intergraph Corp).

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