I-Configure™ for OEM Users

Easily configure Isogen®

I-Configure is Alias’ application to manage sets of Isogen configuration settings (Styles) organised into Projects and Isometric Directories.

It actually consists of two major components, the I-Configure application, which provides a user interface and ProjectManager.dll (and its supporting files) that provides a programmable Automation interface. The ProjectManager Automation interface is employed by a calling application to provide information about available Styles and Projects.

In addition, four “wizards” are supplied with I-Configure, that are used to simplify the process of setting up Personal Isogen styles.

I-Configure and ProjectManager may be freely re-distributed by licensed Personal Isogen Developers (i.e. anyone with a license to redistribute Personal Isogen with their own Plant Design Application).

Strategies for deployment

There are two main ways for a 3rd party developer to make use of the freely available Alias software I-Configure and ProjectManager.

Adopt I-Configure and ProjectManager

Allow the user access to I-Configure for project management. I-Configure can be configured using an XML file to provide a degree of customisation of Projects and Styles.

Modify the host application for Isogen to call functions in ProjectManager.dll to export style settings at run time.

Adopt ProjectManager only

ProjectManager can be used as a standalone component (it has no user interface) to implement Isogen Style management in the host application environment, providing a common look and feel. This method allows the developer to implement a sub set of Isogen options and to completely manage the configuration process. Essentially, the developer must implement a replacement for all or part of I-Configure. Although this is a considerable investment, it has the advantage that the host application is completely in charge of Isogen configuration.

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