What is Isogen® Solo Edition?

For those 3D piping design systems (Autodesk Inventor Professional, Pro/Engineer, CATIA, SolidWorks, etc.) that are Isogen®-enabled, Intergraph provides Isogen Team Edition or Isogen Solo Edition a standalone application used to post-process the PCFs produced by these systems through Personal Isogen, automatically generating isometric drawings and bills of materials.

Isogen Solo Edition is a restricted seat of Isogen which "counts" the number of piping files - PCF of IDF - that the user processes.

A seat of Isogen Solo Edition must be purchased which will be supplied with 500 runs and is available with maintenance if required.

Solo Edition runs either in interactive mode (user selects files to be processed) or server mode (in which it continually monitors a folder for IDF or PCF data). The mode is selected by the user upon installation.

The software includes I-Configure for Project and Style administration and Symbol Editor to create new Isogen symbols.

Using a copy of the customer’s drawing border/backing sheet, I-Configure enables project administrators to configure an isometric style to their company standards and drawing practices, then use this to produce isometric drawings for the PCFs processed through Isogen Solo Edition on their projects. I-Configure allows you to test a style using a standard PCF, so no Isogen Solo Edition runs are used during configuration.

Isogen Solo Edition is a very simple application. Piping users will have little difficulty learning how to use it. Formal Isogen Solo Edition training is not required to be provided to piping users.

However, Alias strongly recommends that project administrators receive Isogen configuration training so that they fully understand how to use I-Configure to set up projects and isometric styles for their initial and future projects.



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