ISOPAC™ Key Features

The POD technology platform is implemented as a series of .DLLs with Microsoft .COM-based automation interfaces. This is known as the ISOPAC package.

The functionality provided consists of the following broad types:

  • Conversion of .PCF and .IDF data to a neutral format (the .POD format)
  • Interfaces to .POD data, allowing the adding, editing, and deletion of piping data
  • Extensible, user-definable attribute model associated with all objects
  • 2D graphic support – Ability to associate a 2D graphic with the piping data – typically an isometric created by Isogen
  • Controls, allowing the visualization of .POD data (as a tree view or a 3D-generated model)
  • Utilities supporting the batch editing of .POD attribute data and conversion to other formats

Applications using ISOPAC can be written in any language supporting a .COM interface. Alias has experience with C++, VB6, and C#.

Implementation and reference documentation is provided to developers to get started.

Software vendors enter into a software licensing agreement with Alias to receive ISOPAC. As part of this relationship, Alias provides training and consulting services to speed time to implementation and boost productivity.

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